Wild life City tour

Walking alongside Stanley Harbour: seeing Magellanic Oystercatchers, Southern Petrels, Dolphin Gulls, Magellanic. Snipe, Ruddy headed Geese, Falkland Steamer ducks, Kelp Geese, Upland Geese , Speckled Teal Ducks, Turkey Vultures, Silver Teal Ducks, Cormorants, etc.

A City tour

Including the oldest houses on Pioneer Row and Drury Street. Jubilee Villas built in 1887, typical example of the British terraced town houses of the era.. Historic dockyard museum,social history.Flaora,Fauna &Geology, Maritime History.

Whale point:

This beautiful place is a nice destination for a day trip. Gentoo penguins, Elephant Seals, whale bones. and a variety of other flora and fauna provide perfect photography opportunities. Prior permission is required in order to visit this area. This may be obtained from the Managers of Fitzroy farm and Falkland Landholding Corporation .

Volunteer Point

Is home to the largest King Penguin colony in the Falkland Islands. Photographic opportunities are endless on the long green, and the white sand beach at this very popular spot. Magellanic and Gentoo penguins nest in large numbers nearby along with numerous smaller birds. Prior Permission is required for visiting this area, too.

The Standard Chartered Bank Stanley Marathon 2019 Sunday 24 March 2019

Discover the Stanley Marathon in Falkland Islands/Malvinas, now in it`s ninth year. Website:http://www.standardchartered.com


Atlantic Conveyor memorial at Cape Pembroke, Glamorgan memorial, Sir Galahad memorial, Sir Tristan memorial at Fitzroy, Argentine Cemetery, British Cemetery , Darwin, Goose Green, San Carlos, and the battlefields around Mount Harriet, Mount Williams, Mount Tumbledown, Two Sisters Mountains, Mount Longdon, and Wireless Ridge.


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